KenQuilt Questions

Welcome KenQuilt Owners!

Let me introduce myself. I am, or was, a KenQuilt Royal Longarm owner for over 15 years. Sadly, my longarm took a power surge during a lightening storm and is no longer in the land of the living. However, I still have a 15 years of knowledge about them, including maintenance which I did most of myself.  I truly believe they are a good machine and will be happy to help you trouble shoot.

When KenQuilt quit manufacturing, I like most owners, was quite concerned about finding parts.  Now I won't say I have all of them, because I don't, but I have over the last 6 years become quite familiar with many of them. If I don't carry the part you need, most of the time, I know where to send you to so hopefully you can find them or get the information you might need.


For the short arm KQ622/633 owners these are the most common questions: 

Do you have a manual? The answer is yes but only for the later years. 
Here you can link to free product download . (Coming soon.)

What size needle does my KQ622/633 take? 

There were actually two sizes that these machines took over the years.

The newer and most models of the KQ622 machine use a thicker shank needle.
Shank Size: DPx5 or 135x5
I sell both 110/18 and 100/16 size needles with this shank.

The older KQ622 machines, used a thinner shank needle. If you have one of these machine the above needle will not even go into the needle bar. For the older machines,
Shank Size:  DBx1 or 16x257
I sell only 110/18 size needles with this shank.